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While dealing with multiple files, it is common for us to package them into a single archive using our favorite programs to do it; be it ZIP or RAR archives. These formats also provide compression of the data reducing file size and making it easy to transfer them along with password protection as well. Thus extracting the file is safe from intruders. However, this has an added disadvantage – namely remembering the password itself. If however the user forgets the password set, it becomes close to impossible to unzip or extract the files and thus it is rendered useless. Fortunately, ZIPPassword COMEBACK is one such software that can extract the password for your archives that you have forgotten about.


The software comes with a fairly easy to use interface with option for selecting the files, the password recovery method, password character set and the possible length. It works with any archives created from any zip software like WinZip, PKZip, etc. The encryptions methods, the software can crack are standard zip 2.0 encryption, AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryption. The method to recover the passwords include brute force attacks, dictionary attack and mask attack with setting a custom character set for the brute force method. The recovery method can be run in the background with pause and resume along with specifying the lengths as well. The installation procedure is fairly simple and uninstallation can be proceeded with by simple method as well.


ZIPPassword COMEBACK is a Windows software and supports Windows XP and up. On Windows however, there are other such software available. LastBit Zip Password Recovery is such software, which claims to be the fastest password recovery software for zip archives and can also decrypt archives if one plain text file is available from the archive. Free ZIP password Recovery is such software on Windows, which supports ZIP, RAR, and ACE archive formats for password recovery along with auto updating for the software. For Mac there is Zip Password Recovery, which performs similar task but does not provide the user with as many options as their disposal.


ZIPPassword COMEBACK is excellent Windows software to recover password from locked archives and comes with a easy to use interface. The various password recovery methods can help the user if they are aware about them and the character set specification can reduce the time to crack passwords dramatically over time. It can further run in background and churn out passwords to crack them while you can do other work on your computer.


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