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In order to provide visitors with a personalized experience most of today’s websites and blogs provide visitors with account creation facility. The basic user id and password combination is widely prevalent in every web service – online payment systems to accessing the email to social media. With so many passwords and ids to remember, it becomes a daunting task. Most often than not, users are required to click on “forgot password” links and retrieve the password which entails a long process often. To save people from such hazard, password managers are available that can store such credentials safely and provides you with access to all of them via a master password. SCARABAY is one such software that provides user credential storage.


SCARABAY provides the user with credential storage from user ID, password for online services to credit card information. The data stored is in encrypted format and stored locally in hard drive or in USB flash drive. It supports a handy feature of multi-user accounts whereby different members can have different set of accounts to store their credentials. It also has the ability to generate random strong passwords with little chance of being hacked. The master password is entered using a virtual keypad thus key logging programs cannot possibly decipher it. On minimizing the program, the auto-password filling is disabled and thus a stranger cannot access the information on an unattended computer and further maximizing requires entry of master password. The passwords are auto backed up for convenience and can be restored. The program comes with a fairly easy to use drop down menu system and does not require installation and can thus run from a portable storage device as well.

Additionally, the browser support is extensive and supports IE, Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox, Avant, etc. Drag and drop facility is available for auto filling of information. The current version supports Windows XP and up. The data is stored in a tree format and can be searched and sorted according to the user’s choice as well.


SCARABAY on windows provides fairly comprehensive coverage of browsers for auto filling and user credential storage. There are certain alternatives available like Steganos Password Manager, which provides identical facility but does not work with Firefox which is a huge disadvantage. There is also KeePass password safe but it does not integrate with any browser and can only store data as required though it is quite popular.


SCARABAY is a decent password manager with no installation hassle and is portable. It is a freeware. The features are standard though auto saving while you fill information is missing which is quite common now-a-days. With an easy to use interface and wide browser support, it is a better product if not the best.


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