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Process Blocker is a simple and yet efficient tool for locking certain programs, which can be specified by the system administrator. The application allows the system admin to block specific applications from being executed on a system and thereby prevent unauthorised access. The application is useful from preventing employees from using particular programs like messengers and controlling children from accessing specific programs.


Process Blocker is a useful application that allows system admin users from blocking specific programs from executing on a computer. It requires simply adding the particular programs to the list and these will be prevented from being executed on the system. Also, the application will automatically block and terminate the program when they are detected to be running on the system.

The program generates a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) signature for each application and thus prevents programs with similar CRC signatures from running on the system. Therefore, the application can detect and block programs even if the files have been renamed and thus prevent access to such programs.

The application has a simple and easy to use interface and all that is needed to be done is to add the programs to the list which the users want to block. It automatically detects messengers, file sharing applications, messengers and other specific programs and block these applications. Users can also block specific applications by specifying the groups or users and can create custom exceptions lists. The application requires low system resources and the performance of the processor is not hampered. It supports Windows 8, windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


HomeGuard Program Blocker is an application similar to Process Blocker. The application blocks specific programs such as games, messengers and other applications as specified by the system admin and also allows setting up time based restrictions for the applications. Hence, the admin users can specify which applications are to be blocked or can be accessed and also the time for which these programs can be accessed. HomeGuard Program Blocker can also block online games and the blocked programs cannot be bypassed by other users. The application maintains a detailed log of the usage data thereby allowing the admin users to monitor the time of access the programs which were accessed.


Process Blocker is a high utility and efficient application for preventing unauthorised access to specific applications on a computer. It enables admin users to specify which applications are accessible to other users and thereby prevent any access to these applications. The program is effective in office environment where multiple users access the same computer while having different levels of clearances. The application prevents such users from accessing applications like messengers and games or any other application, which is beyond their level of clearance. At home, the application can be used as an effective tool for parental control and preventing kids from accessing specific programs.


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