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Granite Portable is a sleek tool that lets the user in providing security to the files and sections by positioning them into a safe and password locked zone. In fact, the tool has been made especially for assisting the professionals to keep their important matters in a protected place. In short the tool ensures a password-protected zone for the users.


It is quite a handy tool that is too flexible in terms of usage. It is transferable; hence the installation process is nothing like mandatory on this occasion. In addition, the tool doesn’t bring any sort of changes in patterns. It is here to mention that the user must take into account is that upon making the program files copied over any temporary drive, one has to unlock the chances of dealing with it over any PCs you can practice, with a simple hit over the icon.

Sleekest Interface
It involves the best interface in comparison with others. The interface is quite interactive as well. A symbol gets generated at the extreme of the page that indicates its usability. No matter whether you are an expert, or any new comer, the application can satisfy your demand all the way.

Too handy with the shortcuts, and flexible usage
At the initial attempt a person needs to provide the username and password. However, the details can be altered at any point of time as well from the settings zone. The main window holds a line-up of shortcuts for the frequently visited sites like Google, Youtube, etc. In addition, you can find good number of controlling options as well.

You can enter the zone straight with a simple click on the icon, while one can put a snap from the external device for the mark in any of the frequently found image formats, and bring alterations in application theme and murkiness.

Least Resource Consuming

Despite dealing with various crucial issues, the application is too light over your system resources and processors. It consumes an unbelievable 3.7 MB of the system space. In addition, it has been thoroughly tested, and ensured regarding the bugs, malwares, viruses, etc.


There are other options available like this in market as well. However, when it comes about something related to system security, and then you must go with the safest option available. On this context, Granite Portable is like a must recommendation.


On a whole, the application is a fine option that lets the user in having crucial data in safe side. It is damn simple to handle and ensures best protection with the system as well. Being a portable stuff this is suitable for both professional and common users.


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