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When you delete a file from your system permanently, you might have the notion that the file can never be retrieved again from your hard disk. But the real scenario is far more different than what you believe. There is always a copy of the file that remains in your hard disk and one can access it again by using a recovery tool or forensic software. To remove it completely from the memory, use Mutilate File Wiper. This software can be used to remove any impression of a file from your hard disk successfully. Once you use this software to shred and wipe it completely, there is no way anyone can retrieve the file you desire to implement it on.


It removes any file from the disks and eliminates all traces of it from the magnetic disk. It does not keep any chances of recovery of the particular file. It has got a brand X interface which supports the app and this is what makes it easier to use. A compact user interface avoids excessive function buttons to confuse users but in case of Mutilate File Wiper, the scene is different. Its interface has got an array of buttons that you can rather operate on instincts. In case you are worried about searching your desired file on the software, it offers a simple structure or tree to navigate over your folders and subfolders to reach the file you want to wipe from your PC’s memory forever.

It offers three levels of security for overwriting your files. Before you go on to overwrite a file on the disk you can choose from normal, high and intense level of security. The confusion remains on the fact that the algorithm used by this software does not go at par with the best known deletion systems. You can implement your own deletion algorithm using this app but you need to have knowledge regarding byte patterns. You can use a sequence of passes to overwrite the data completely. It has a free space wiper system to hurt the process of recovery tools. One of the flaws of the Mutilate File Wiper is that it neglects the removal of offline and online tracks from your system completely.


Other software that are used to clean disk and retrieve disk space like disk cleaner and others, can delete a particular set of files like temporary files like window log files and dump files but cannot delete a normal file from a folder.


If you are in need to delete some private information or secret file completely from your system, the best way to implement the process is to use Mutilate File Wiper. It is better than most other disk clean up software and assures complete removal of normal files but for certain online and offline tracks it fails.


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