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MP3Test is a useful application for detecting errors in MP3 files and validation of these files. The software can scan directories and files in these directories and determine the quality and errors in the MP3 files. The extent of the errors in the MP3 files are also determined by MP3Test.


MP3Test is a high utility and efficient software program for scanning and validating MP3 files on a computer. The application performs scans on folders and also allows scanning of subfolders. The files in these folders are listed in the application window along with their properties.

The application also perform cyclic redundancy check (CRC) tests and the results with the verification of the integrity of the files is displayed in addition to the displaying of other properties. The program displays the results which are colour coded and hence it becomes easy to identify files.

MP3Test allows users to move damaged, corrupted and bad files to specific folders and can launch verified files in the specified players installed on the computer. The bad files can be deleted by the users through the application once they have been identified. The program displays details of MP3 files such as the file name, errors, title, artist name, duration and other similar details.

The search results can be exported so that users can evaluate them at a later stage. The application also allows opening the containing folders of the files in a separate Windows Explorer. Users can also rename the files in an entire batch through their APE, ID3v2 metadata and tags. The application has a simple interface and does not require any specific expertise to operate the application. The intuitive interface makes it easy even for new users to easily operate the software. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Checkmate MP3 Checker is an application similar to MP3Test. The application is available in two options, a graphical user interface and a command line interface option. The CLI option has more advanced features and hence is for advanced users whereas the GUI version is simple and can be used by even new users. The program checks for errors in MP3 files and evaluate whether the frames are in order and that frame headers are consistent and correct.


MP3Test is a high utility application and allows validation of MP3 files. The program efficiently scans the files for errors and displays the results in the application window in a colour coded format. The program allows users to delete or move the damaged files to a specific folder and the error free files can be launched in the default player in the Windows directly from the application interface. The application is simple to use and can be easily managed by even non-technical and new users.


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