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Some software programs and web apps provide only the location of the given Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But, people need more than the location. The IP addresses may be the unique identity number of a router, mobile device, computer or a server. IPNetInfo can provide a lot more information about the particular IP address.


IPNetInfo is a standalone application that allows the user to obtain available information about the given IP address. The user can check for multiple IP addresses at the same time and this application gathers the details as fast as possible. It is robust enough to collect information of over hundreds and hundreds of IP addresses within few minutes.

This program displays details such as status, country/location, name of the network, name of the owner, from and to IP addresses, CIDR address, allocated status, physical location address, contact name, email, phone and fax numbers, WHOIS source, hostname and resolved name of the given IP address. The obtained information can be directly saved as an HTML report or it can be copied and pasted into third party apps or saved in other supported formats such as TXT and XML files. The user can also just save the WHOIS records information in a TXT file format which can be copied to an external drive and can be used on the go.

In addition to this, the user can also check for the details of a hostname or a domain name and this program will automatically convert the given host name into IP address and provide all the available information about it. The entire header of the received email can be pasted into this program’s dedicated query window to extract the IP information. This program can also be accessed from the Windows command prompt.


Some alternatives of IPNetInfo are WhoIs IP Info and other web apps. Basically, the web apps provide only the physical location of the given IP addresses. Thus, the information gathered from those websites is less enough for a tech-savvy user and it cannot be exported easily. WhoIs IP Info is also a lightweight program and it can be used to extract the information from the given URLs only. This application cannot directly deal with other IP addresses. So, it cannot be used to collect information about mobile devices, routers, and other network devices.


IPNetInfo is an essential tool for network administrators who investigate the firewall logs and reports. It is a lightweight, easy to install and portable program that does not make any changes to the Windows registry.


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