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The world of warships is a massively multiplayer free to play action MMO in which players fight it out in the high seas. Players are equipped with several combat vessels including aircraft carriers, destroyers and heavy cruisers.


These mega war machines can put any enemy off with just the look of them. They are ugly, big and dish out heavily. Each of these beasts of the sea has its own unique combination of fire power, armor, speed and endurance. With a combination of these in the seas, victory is almost assured except that the enemy is possibly a greater menace with as much firepower and hardware. And so the world of warships is not only about who has the biggest aircraft carrier but also who has the best tact, agility and soldierly wit. Tact is overly important and it may surprise you that The Art of War will become you favorite book all over again.
The hardware is mainly Soviet, Japanese, German and British and is historically correct. And don’t be fooled each category can conquer the world on its own. The game has a credit system that allows players to buy ships, armor, shells and to mount equipment on their ships.

The world of warships provides very realistic and well polished graphics and the seas could become as rough as the enemy. This makes it more interesting because while you could be going down, some rough weather may be all you need to bring the game back to life. The action also unfolds in real places like the pacific or in the coasts of Africa this variety of battle arenas is just amazing. In short you know exactly what you are defending.


When it comes to the world of warships there is little hope for a fair comparison because the game is in its very own league. It is thrilling, crazy and out of this world. However, it can be said to be as good or better as its sister games like the world of tanks and the world of war planes. Here the company or should I say Russians score unusually heavily maybe because military is what they do.


To cut a long story short, the world of warships is the kind of game you can’t put down or wish away. Players feel as part of the action all the way through. Who controls the seas? If you really want an answer you can be sure of make sure you are in the game!


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