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World of Warcraft has practically become the standard by which many other PC games are being judged. It is one of the most expansive massively multiplayer online games to be released so far. This has enabled it to cultivate a reputation as being one of the best overall role playing games for the PC as well.


Originally released in 2004, it has since brought together several different expansion packs for players to try for themselves. The game series has also cultivated a user base of over 7 million people all over the world. This has created an excellent opportunity for people to link up with their friends and take on quests together.
The game will continually introduce some clever new features that will help keep the universe feeling fresh to all players. The staff are committed to making sure that they are releasing worthwhile updates to the basic format. Both longtime players and newcomers will be impressed by the sheer depth of the game. It will utilize fantasy and even science fiction elements to a great extent. This will help make sure that players get the ultimate experience that they want to enjoy as they go forward. Anyone who hasn’t tried World of Warcraft yet will want to test this game out for themselves soon.

The game itself was designed by Blizzard Entertainment, largely as an offshoot of their long running Warcraft series. But unlike the real time strategy game play of Warcraft, World of Warcraft focuses more in the role playing elements. Players will be able to create their own fantasy character and customize their stats as they see fit. They may be interested in equipping their player with some items that they tend to collect during the game. Building up experience points will help players level up and acquire skills. They can even join in on quests, which will help them develop their abilities in the game itself. It may help for them to join in on a guild soon, since this will help them get integrated in to the game.
There is an expansive universe in the game, known as Azeroth. This is further divided in to two different continents, referred to as Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. As the game has undergone its expansions, designers have integrated new elements in to what can be found here. The continents are filled with different towns and cities that will help change up the experience for players. They will also be vital places that will help characters stock up on equipment and get ready for their next adventure. Becoming familiarized with the Alliance and Horde factions will also be important. This will help players identify with each other and will even allow them to engage in PvP combat sessions against other rival faction members.

Since World of Warcraft has become the most popular online role playing game, there is much to be said about what it offers to players. It has drawn in a diverse community of users, which reflects its accessibility and ease of play. Even since its beginning, people have pointed out that the game tends to have a certain kind of fluidity to it. Players will be able to quickly travel from one end of each continent to the other. They won’t need to wait for loading screens when they start to move in to new areas. This was revolutionary for an RPG when it was first released, but continues to be an impressive element to this day.
The game is also an excellent example of the Western Style RPG. This is in stark contrast to some of the Japanese Style RPG releases, which include the popular Final Fantasy entries. Though some players may have their preferences, there is no doubt that World of Warcraft represents its genre well. There is a reason why it continues to draw in a growing user base, despite still retaining its subscription fees.


In all, World of Warcraft will provide an almost unlimited number of hours for players who test it out for themselves. They can feel free to create their own characters and customize them as they see fit. Players can explore countless different stages and will be constantly challenged by the game itself. It will gradually increase the difficulty, which will provide an entertaining experience for players of all skill levels. This will also help people who want to learn more about the style of game play that they can expect to get through here.
Some players may want to try it out to simply learn more about why the game has become so popular over the years. This will help people determine whether they want to maintain their subscription and stay committed to the release. There is no doubt the World of Warcraft has had a profound and widespread impact on the gaming community.


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  1. Has slightly fallen off lately but is still a strong game and my favourite MMO out there. Blizzard molded this game for years and has only gotten better. Raiding in this game, that is, slaying dragons and end bosses is the best part of the game IMO and if you like team RPG’s then this is the best one, even after 8 years.

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