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World of Battles : Morningstar is an MMO that features real-time strategies and role playing elements. It allows players to enter a war only world, create their own army of soldiers that will fight their solo missions and fight other players’ troops for glory and XP.


The game has a single player mode that features different difficulty levels that range from easy to impossible. These levels offer different challenges for the players to conquer depending on their level.

  • It features an animated combat where players only select troops and click on desired destinations or enemy to attack.
  • If offers the players a wide range of maps that assist them to wreck a new scenic backdrop of havoc.
  • Single player campaign are rewarded with XP and coins if successfully completed.
  • The game features nine different army races for players to choose from. They include;
  • Light Infantry: though always the first to die, they hold heavy damages levels to other infantry foes.
  • Heavy shooters: they tend to be slow but they execute high levels of damage.
  • Light cavalry: they are experienced in rear attacks and maneuvers. They surround their enemies swiftly.
  • Light Pikemen: they are mainly used to reduce enemy power and are capable of destroying a troop of cavalry.
  • Heavy cavalry: handles heavy damage levels through charging towards the enemies deliberately.
  • Heavy pikemen: they are heavily armed and take out cavalry units.
  • Light shooters: consists of archers and shooters that fire while at a distance.
  • Heavy infantry: they are defensive units that are designed to last longer. They are equipped with powerful armor.


Though WoB: Morningstar has a few similarities with games like Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and Heroes of Gaia, it has some unique features that make it to stand out. Its mixture of strategies with RPG elements that make the game fun and demanding at the same time is quite similar to Heroes of Gaia. On other hand, its arena matches that of Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes.
Apart from these similarities, WoB: Morningstar is a great and unique game that offers fast-paced action that makes it fun. Unlike most of its competitors, it has a chat box that allows the players to send messages easily during combat. It also has troops that vary in equipment and skill levels.


World of Battles : Morningstar is a solid and tactical war game. It features a small community of players but has a tedious unlocking system. Players build and grow a huge army of mythical creatures that range from heinous beast folk to dark elves. Players can unlock higher performing units, equipment and tactics through completing different single player missions and taking part in PvP battles.
In addition, the game has a balanced battle matching system and a number of players ready to wage war with the player. This is a game worth checking if you love challenging strategic games.

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