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Warframe is an F2P (Free to Play), solo or co-op, 3rd person shooter from Digital Extremes. It will be available on PS4 and Windows platforms. The website allows for free play on the Windows OS. Warframe is an overhaul of the undeveloped Digital Extremes title Dark Sector. The original game was scrapped during production and refashioned into Warframe using characters and level designs from the original while eliminating much of the science fiction content. 


The game takes place in our solar system with missions carried out on several planets including dwarf planets Pluto and Sedna. Characters are involved in a war between four ruling classes that each possess differing levels of technological and military skill. All players are a member of the Tenno class, descendants of warriors from a lost era. The other three classes act as enemies for groups of up to four players that perform one of nine base missions to end an enduring threat to their survival. Missions include assassinations, enemy captures and surviving hordes of attackers.

The game play of Warframe takes the form of an over the shoulder, 3rd person shooter. You guide your character through pre constructed rooms, attacking opponents and finding equipment hidden in containers or dropped by enemies. No levels have the same layout as maps are built procedurally. It may at times be necessary to complete a mini game or puzzle to free yourself from a lock down initiated by the enemy. Missions can be interrupted by smaller in game missions that act as optional or occasionally mandatory distractions from the current goal.
Players are heavily armored with robotic suits called Warframes that can be upgraded as the game progresses based on affinity. Affinity is gained by destroying enemies and completing missions.


Warframe at first sight, may resemble the popular gaming standard Halo. Both are tech heavy battle simulations against advancing enemy hordes. Basically it ends there. Warframe puts all of its attention into missions. There is no PvP in the main storyline. This comes as a welcome change to many players who prefer the co-op approach. Aiming and fighting are basically the same in both games. In Warframe your suits are upgraded by obtaining blueprints and special features through game play. There is also solo play for individual enjoyment.


Warframe is a great new addition to the science fiction based battle simulation category.  Game play is smooth and clean with an engaging story line.  Combat is action filled with impressive cinematic sequences. With its upcoming release on the PS4, this game looks to gain a lot of popularity soon. The storyline is just original enough to not feel overdone. This game feels as though it will remain engaging to the end with a good variety mission types and situations to keep things interesting.



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