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Warface is a relatively recent entry to the highly-competitive first-person shooter market, set in the equally crowded massively multi-player online world. Games need to be good just to survive here and great to make any sort of meaningful impact. Warface does have the compelling attraction of being free, but that in itself will not guarantee it success against strong competition.


Looked at objectively, the specifications are promising, with outstanding visuals, respectable artificial intelligence and sensible physics. These however are typically taken for granted by modern gamers and it’s the gameplay that really matters. Thankfully Warface lives up to its developer’s pedigree, with plenty of challenging missions to keep even the most experienced FPS fans absorbed. Warface was designed to be a team game with players gathering together in what is effectively a virtual locker room before the battle. It’s worth choosing your team with care because Warface really rewards effective teamwork.
First of all, there is strength in numbers, if only because you will have extra options for posting lookouts and for being able to spare a player to keep other team members supplied with ammunition while they are shooting. Secondly, the AI is more than capable of punishing players who try to catch it out by playing the game in an illogical or simply madcap way. One of the interesting features of Warface is that it is free to play but has options for purchasing useful items with real-world money. So, for example, teams could choose to dispense with the services of a medic and buy a supply of “resurrection tokens” (or as they used to be called, extra lives) to deal with the consequences of injury.


For Crytec, Warface is the start of a move to free gaming, or at least gaming which does not require payment, although, as already mentioned, there are options for using real-world money to enhance the gaming experience. Looked on simply as an FPS, Warface is facing massive competition from PC and console games as well as online games. Indeed, only the family-orientated Nintendo consoles are without a known FPS.  Looking at purely online MMOFPS games, Warface is up against established classics such as Doom, Quake and World of Warcraft as well as new contenders such as the rebooted Darkfall and Wildstar. Thankfully Crytec’s keep it simple approach keeps Warface engaging and allows it to hold its own.


Warface may have one of the most questionable names ever created, but it’s fast-paced action and challenging AI make it very playable and as long as Cytec maintains its commitment to updating missions regularly, this could very well be a long-term winner for the company.

The game is currently in Open Beta, which means that anyone can join. Make sure to sign up now and jump straight into the action.


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