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War of the Immortals is application software based on a mythical and legendary world. In the game players mainly embody various classes as they move from one place to another while fighting and crafting their way through their environment. This game however, does not provide the player with plenty of new ideas, though it offers incredible backgrounds with bright environments and a pet collection worth mentioning.


In War of the Immortals, the player doesn’t stay in the same status for long as you level fast, more so the player is assigned points to stats at each level, or even gain a skill. By the time you get to the maximum level, you have a dozen or less skills as the game levels fast hence there is not much after the player chooses a server and gazes at the cinematic background screen, they are taken to the character creation screen.
The game has interesting facial choices, icons and hair, and a few other interesting features. There are various interesting choices of classes such as Berserker, Champions and Duelist fill in for a number of melee roles, Ranger and Slaver as DPS, Heretic and Enchantress as healers and Magus. Huge squadrons and heavy weaponry are major components of the game making it more realistic and attracting the player’s attention even more. With enough servers starting points are less occupied and battling is open and straightforward. Positively, there is minimal or no competition for kills amongst the tactics to acquire.
War of the Immortals is straightforward and linear and battles are not frequently complex. The interesting part is trying the fights to view the flashy effects as each class battles differently. The pet system enables the player to capture most creatures in the game and use them as special helpers that help to level up with much ease.


In comparison with other games, War of the Immortals requires payment in both coins and points to raise a skill to the next level. Payment on experience points will take you longer to get to the next level, while that of coins will consume your supply before the player improves on the skills that are at their disposal. In addition, the game is characterized by impressive character models, color palettes that are dazzling, eye-catching graphs, and great audio. This are features that are not as well developed in other games such as Battle of the Immortals.


In conclusion, War of the Immortals exhibits advanced creativity and the technical dynamics in the gaming world. It is a highly recommended game for lovers of full action combat games.


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