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Vindictus is a game which is a creation of devCAT; this is a studio of the renowned Nexon which is a publisher of free games. It is essentially a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. A prequel to Mabinogi, those in Asia refer to the game as Mabinogi Heroes. The setting is that of a period of war and wanton strife.

The game is free to download and hence is an attractive package to many people. Vindictus features a virtual items shop which is used for the purchase of in-game items using the virtual Nexon currency.


The MMORPG is based on an episodic format. There is a new format every six months. Should you complete an episode, there are gold as well as other items received for the purposes of quests. Health Points are also received in this manner and these enhance your ability to play in consequent episodes. There are six characters and a player needs to make the decision of the role that he will be assuming. These characters are namely; Lann, Evie, Fiona, Karok, Hurk, Kai and Vella. In Korea, there are actually seven characters. These characters come gender-locked. While you could choose to change the appearance of the character chosen, the ability and even style used in combat are set right at the point when you assume the role.
The change in appearance is achieved primarily by dyeing. Every character comes with two different skills. These come in handy for the main as well as alternative weapon purposes. There also is the transformation feature which make it possible for a player to assume the qualities of Dark Knight or Paladin. There are a number of means of earning titles. For example, defeating enemies, finishing battles and stories, collection of items as well as the execution of certain actions are all means by which one gets to earn titles. It was noticed that many people stood the risk of excessive play and in this regard, the token system was introduced. For example, to engage in higher level battles, tokens are necessary. The higher the level you wish to play at, the more the tokens expected from a player.


The fact that this game is free is definitely good news to many game lovers. When compared to the scifi Defiance by Trion Worlds, Vindictus would be a choice for many. This is because of the fact that you would need to buy Defiance to be able to play it.


Vindictus is a game whose flow is easy to follow and offers a lot of excitement. However, some people feel that the roles to be played in form of characters are few and with time, the towns in which the adventure is set become very easy to muster. Nonetheless, it still is an enjoyable game with amazing graphics to boot.


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