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Do you want to race ? With this exciting racing gaming innovation, you will race cars on several tracks, boosting ramps, exciting wall rides, loopings and make really gigantic jumps. You can make as much from it as you want or are inclined. You can actually improve driving skills and become world champion!


You will naturally want to achieve world racing records, build race tracks, edit your videos and then you can proudly share all that excitement. Over twelve million players before you have joined and enjoyed Trackmania Nations Forever. Some loved it to the point of becoming our certified racing maniacs, trackmaniacs. Experience racing freedom, as TrackMania Nations Forever lets you race at unexcelled speeds on different spectacular tracks either solo speeding or while in the multiplayer mode. TrackMania Nations Forever offers a new Stadium, a solidly solo mode and 65 entirely new racing tracks which are progressively challenging.

TrackMania Nations Forever will unite a much larger number of versatile racing track players than the original Nations thanks to many more multiplayer modes, innovative and resourceful online functions and the revolutionary interactivity between different racers/players. For TrackMania Nations Forever, developers at Nadeo studio definitely took advantage of the PC’s capacities as gaming, creativity and communications platforms in order for a greater number of players to share a unique gaming experience. The result is this excellent racing game innovation that lets you design new track environments, customize your car, and video your races.

The software even contains a built in video app so you can film your own racing! Whether you have ever strapped yourself into a racing machine before, you will learn to make all the professional slides and turns of the big guys, and race death defying speeds. TrackMania Nations Forever is the free version of the game. This version is where you can play on the Stadium environment.
Some features of the free version are temporarily disabled and only activated when upgrading to the full paid version, Trackmania United Forever. If you like Nations, you will be mad for United, with 6 more original racing environments, more tracks, a huge solo campaign and a lot more features to discover. Competing with other enthusiastic players is icing on your racing trophy cake.


All versions of this Trackmania Forever racing game have received excellent reviews. Download the free game today and begin your Trackmania. See you at the Trackmania Forever track! Let’s race!


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