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In a 3D fantasy world that leans on the trappings of Buddhist and Hindu mythology “Tantra Online”, this game made by HanbitSoft is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). Tantra Online offers players opportunities for quests, combat, alliances, guilds and more.


Of course, the game offers other features. For example, it will also establish a character who will serve one of three deities: Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma. Download and play are free and players can shop to up-grade in-game items. PvP (player versus player) elements are definitely fast-paced and will appeal to experienced players who lean toward the action-packed game genres.
In keeping with some common elements of MMORPG play, both individual and cooperative play are fostered in Tantra Online. The game is relatively “friendly” to new players in that the tutorial is short and direct, and new characters are able to start play with a full set of equipment. As players wend their way through a mythical realm they are presented with multiple choices regarding short-term and long-term affiliations, all of which are countered in some fashion by the ongoing struggle among the three chief deities.
The graphics aren’t particularly exciting but the pace of the action is often enough to obscure other details of the game. The player base isn’t huge and some quests don’t seem to accomplish a great deal, almost a simple matter of killing monsters to meet a tally sheet, but the meshing of fantasy game elements with an engagingly plausible back-story allows for a greater envelopment within the game’s community.
The city of Seoul is alive with the energy of the online gaming, from the “PC bangs”, popular parlors where gamers of all descriptions and levels meet to play, to the studios where games are created and developed, and to the corporate boardrooms where the future of the industry is forged HanbitSoft has retained its business focus, with resources aimed at recognizing good matches between players and developers, shrewdly putting the two together and then further investing in the domestic online game market.


Tantra Online provides a good “safe” choice for action-oriented and fast experienced players who don’t necessarily need to be dazzled with graphic theatricality. If intricate stratagems, slowly developing schemes and Machiavellian maneuvering are more your style you may not tend to fare as well as a snap-decision military-minded aggressor, though there seems to be ample opportunity for some sly and effective behind-the-scenes machination. Further information is available on the official game-site, listed below,


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