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Tales Runner is a free-to-play MMO racing game that follows in the tradition of Nintendo’s Mario Cart and other racing games. The game’s storyline revolves around the fantasy country of King Henry. The king strives to make his subjects happy by starting a racing competition called Fairyland Sightseeing.

About the competition, it has an all-fairy theme where the winners of each race are rewarded with a magic stone that can fulfill their wishes. Each player goes by the name of “Tales Runner” while the races are held at Tales land Park. Most players hang at the park to show off their gear and prowess with other gamers. You basically start off by choosing one of the game’s 8 characters before taking off on the fairy-tale tracks. The characters race on foot which is one thing that makes this game different from others like Need For Speed.

One of the key features of the game is the fact that you can play it for free. It is also a casual or social game that you can enjoy with friends online. You can race with up to 29 friends or players at one time. Its cartoon graphics are colorful and appealing. It features fairytale worlds where characters can jump, climb, run, and even ski over snowy white ranges. The game has a farm system where players can claim their own spaces.
Another feature is its alchemy system that enables players to acquire special items. It also comes with a Stars of Fortune raffle lottery where you can buy raffle tickets to win some of the fairy land’s legendary items. Other features include the ability of players to fight by throwing items at each other while racing, a in-game marriage system where you can marry another player and raise a family, at least in the gaming world. Marriage is important in the game since wedded couples receive extra benefits.

There are other MMO games similar to Tales Runner such as Flyff, Mario Cart, and Rappelz. However, Tales Runner stands apart from the rest of the racing games primarily because of its unique leveling system, an ability to customize characters with stylish gear, and challenging maps.
As the game’s name suggests, players compete against each other in physical running using all the tricks they can muster. This is another unique aspect of the game. You can even compete in specially organized events and tournaments, a feature you are not likely to find in other racing games.

The game has been quite popular with many users due to its unique leveling system in which players can easily earn in-game currency to enter new racing rooms. It has a vibrant colorful look with a cheerful anime style appearance. Tales Runner is an exciting game designed with basic concepts of socialization in mind.


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