Starcraft 2 : Herald of the Stars

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Set in a futuristic war ridden world, StarCraft II: Herald of the Stars sets out to drift back to the story of the Protoss race. The back story of the Protoss, whose nature is shrouded in mystery, will be revealed through the Hierarch of the sage templar, Artanis. Artanis’ mission: to save the multivers from complete destruction.

Most notably this new chapter of the epic StarCraft saga will feature a non linear campaign meaning the player will be able to take on any mission in any order while the game still provides the storyline in an ordered and comprehensible way. You play one of the three main characters Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and Zeratul.

The single player sci-fi online game picks up where the first installation of this real time strategy saga left off that is fighting for survival and battling each other across the galaxy. Familiar characters are joined by new heroes, armours, hairstyles as well as new unit types. Some of the new features of the game include new 3D graphics, full mapping and colour customization of your lasers. Blizzard, once again, has delivered a riveting game through its evolution of the beloved original.


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