Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm

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This is an improved pack of the Starcraft 2 Wings of liberty. Because of the relation between the first pack and this second pack, it is important to note that there are many aspects of these two versions that are still similar simply because they come from the same concept.


The main difference that this game features is in the multi-player options. It however also features a continuation of the adventures of Sarah Kerrigan in the Zerg race as she continues to chase the swarm with a goal of getting her sweet revenge on Arcturus Mengsk, the emperor of Dominion. This game is another creation of Blizzard entertainment. For those of you who had a chance to play the wings of liberty, you will not have any problems understanding Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm.
The only thing you will notice at a glance is the great difference in the cinematic campaign. The images are sharper and more realistic adding to the thrill that the game is supposed to generate. Other additional features that were not in the wings of liberty but stand out in this new pack include a more challenging strategy with real-time technology.

This also improves on the match-making aspects of the game to make it even more exciting. You will also get better social features and new units to keep the players more engaged throughout the game. With the above mentioned improvements, Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm is designed to give you a completely new experience as you delve even deeper into the imaginations of the Zerg.
This makes the game more competitive than ever before. Something worth pointing out in this new game is that the designers have incorporated ideas gathered from the community of fans. This has only made the game more objective and target oriented because it has many features that have been included due to the demands by fans. You must however be warned that you will experience a completely new map with lots of places to explore.


Similar to all other games such as Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm, the game has a plot with a cast that has some of the most interesting characters to make the game as interesting and adventurous as possible. To get a better understanding of the game, you must make sure you know some of the main characters. This will make you more attached to the game. To start with, it is good to look at the main protagonists that make the game worth its title. These are Lead the Zerg and Kerrigan the queen who struggles to contain the Zerg throughout the game.

It is the contest between these two characters to take charge of their surroundings that will keep the game going for as long as you can go. Each time you can take the game to a new level by strengthening Lead the Zerg or its opponent, Kerrigan to give her more power to take charge and control the universe. It is at this attempt that you will either win or lose depending on your stand. The swarm is another major character in the plot. You have the liberty to feed him on biomass if you can win as many fields as possible.
If you grow the swarm to a very big and energetic creature, you can easily use its might to win battle. You also have the option of giving birth to so many swarms just to get victory by the sheer population when the time comes for a fight against your opponents.


As compared to the wings of liberty which was the first version of the trilogy of games, heart of the swarm is more thrilling as it is adventurous. You will meet newer and more challenging obstacles that you will need to overcome. The good news is that you have better ways of dealing with the emerging problems as well. It will take a good mastery of the game to be able to empower your characters to rise above the greater challenge that comes with the extra features. Some of the new units to look out for if you want to enhance your chances of success include tempest, widow mine and viper.


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  1. Great game! Also impressive tournament !

    By , on
  2. Best competitive video game out there! 10/10

    By , on
  3. E-sports!!!!! I will recommend this site to friends!

    By , on
  4. Too bad I already got it. Best RTS out there. Next time I’m buying a game I will be sure check here first.

    By , on
  5. Best Game I have ever played!

    By , on
  6. This is the greatest game ever made you can’t go wrong with buying it and thanks to them supporting esports I am now aware of this website can can do my future downloading from here.

    Thank you.

    By , on
  7. Best RTS and competitive game out there. The campaign is great and the multiplayer offers a ton of features.
    Highly reccomended and surely worth the price.

    By , on
  8. Awesome site, awesome company. Supports E-sports and has great prices. A+

    By , on
  9. Amazing game!!! I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fun competitive game! Thank you for supporting E-Sports!

    By , on
  10. Best game i have ever played.

    By , on
  11. sickening game , sickening tournament.

    By , on
  12. A must play game imo and you guys are doing an amazing job in hosting the tourney .. Keep them coming 🙂

    By , on
  13. Starcraft 2 is a great game, and a wonderful spectator sports.

    By , on
  14. Game changed my life!

    By , on
  15. No 1. RTS game out there!

    By , on
  16. Very intense game! Thanks to for putting up such a good tournament!

    By , on
  17. HoTS is by far the best RTS out there. What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

    By , on
  18. A very good strategi game! One of my all time favorites. A great single player and the mutli player aspect is amazing, and if you want to try it out there a starter edition available for free on blizzard homepage. Also thansk for supporting Esports and Sc2 Warer. (:

    By , on
  19. Awesome game! And thank your for that Warer invitationnal ! 🙂

    By , on
  20. A great strategy game with a great story and a world of competitions worldwide

    By , on
  21. Never have I had a passion for a game as much as for SC2 ever in my life. I love the eSports-scene, and thanks for supporting it! I will defenitely check out your site in the future regularly, and I wouldn’t have known about it without your tournament.

    By , on
  22. Great game, a lot of varying levels of strategy and competition, which really makes things a lot of fun. Supports both casual and intense players. Thanks a ton for the tournament sponsor, Warer!

    By , on
  23. Not only a great game to play but also one of the best games to watch

    By , on
  24. much skill needed, many games, wow

    By , on
  25. Lousy game. Races are quite unbalanced. Especially Protoss. Protoss OP, and David Kim refuses to listen and nerf.

    By , on

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