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Star Trek Online was made by Cryptic studios from Star Trek series by Gene Roddenberry. It is played by many players online. The game dates back to the 25th century exactly 30 years following the events of Star Trek. It was the first multiplayer online game from the Star Trek franchise, which was launched on the 2nd February 2010.


The game required among the buying price a recurrent monthly fee. The game has ceased being on retail following its transfer to free-to-play and can now be downloaded from Steam or Perfect World Entertainment.

The Star Trek Online gives a system of crafting that is based on skills which is different from most conventional generations. Players can make items with different variations to assist in their missions; this is made possible through collection of data and particles across the universe. Exploration of new systems of stars is possible. In this game players are presented with a chance to find out new ways and resources. Users in this game can generate their own missions and story line which are open to other players to play, rate themselves and give comments. The user generated missions was upgraded in the year 2012 which gave the game more options for customization and generation of content.


Star Trek Online is a free-to-play multiplayer online game. Unlike other online games, this game provides a reward system that is based on the time and amount subscribed for by a player. The rewards vary from titles, perks and goods. Subscription for the game is done either monthly at a cost of $14.95 or a lifetime subscription of $249.99. Players also benefit from micro transaction using the ZEN currency through the C-store that are bought from the games website in fixed amounts ranging from $10 to $100.
In this game players are able to amass resources using different methods, it also gives an extension of special missions that involves teamwork that helps in accomplishment of larger tasks. Every player equals up as captain of his ship in this game.


Like every piece of creation, Star Trek Online has shared from its successes and shortcomings. With different reviews ranging from average and mixed, the game has tapped a lot of positive comments and acknowledgements with notable praises from Game Spot for its entertaining combat. The game has provided the player with diverse techniques and a variety of option that leaves them entertained. With the ability to incorporate adjustments and involve other beneficial aspects which includes rewarding of winners and transaction of currencies, the game enjoys a large portfolio of subscribers.


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