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Re-enacted from the seventh century silk trade routes Silkraod is a fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). The game traverses the historical Asian trade routes. It is a culmination of places, events and stories gathered from the Silk Road trading days blended together into an amazing fantasy element.


To play the Silkroad Online MMORPG game, begin by opening an account online then download the game application on your computer. Based on a ‘Triangular Conflict System’ Silkroad allows a user to choose a maximum of three characters. Users can choose Chinese or European characters to be traders, hunters or thieves. Traders carry products through defined trade routes. Thieves attack traders on route and steal their products while hunters protect traders from thieves. Actively participating in a character’s role elevates the character’s skill level making them more capable in combat for advanced stages of the game. Thieves also collect goods dropped by trades along the routes and trade them for gold in the thieves’ den. The game has a set of races that characters run each having their own merits, challenges, cities, armor, weapons and classes.

In the game’s Legend I update the international servers introduced European classes. The Legend II update introduced Fortress War where a guild struggles to capture a fort giving them the ability to raise taxes and boast to other guilds. The Legend III update introduced Mountain and increased the level cap to 90. Armor and weapons of a greater degree were also added for both races in this update. Legend III+ introduced the Bandit Fortress and the Devil’s Spirit silk dress. The latest update was made in 2009. Legend IV increased armor and weapons to the tenth degree for both European and Chinese characters.
Ch’in Tomb was introduced and can only be played by characters at level seventy and above. Legend IV also introduced a new monster Medusa from the Greek mythology which is a level 105 snake. The community of Silkroad players form the bulk of characters playing this game. Players can communicate with each other while playing the game. The Guardian System brings high level characters and new players together. The more experienced players guide the low level ones to navigate the game.


Silkroad Online is one MMORPG among a variety of online games that have larger numbers of users. This fact can be attributed to the numerous challenges the game developers have faced in providing this service. As the numbers of players grew online Silkroad servers began to be overwhelmed hence denying additional players a chance to join the game. This problem has however been solved in recent days. Game players also complained of the lack of adventure as the game progresses, this has prompted many players to seek suitable alternatives. Despite these challenges Silkroad continues to compete commendably in the online game market owing to its well defined graphic designs and the fact that it is freeware.


The setting of this game is based on an interesting period of history. History lovers will enjoy playing this game as well as lovers of clothing items and fashion. The interaction with other players makes the experience all the more better as one gains game mileage as well as game playing skills. Download your version of Silkroad Online and begin playing today.


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