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Silent Hunter Online takes a new approach to the Silent Hunter series. Originally the series was based almost purely on simulation but with recent advancements in online social gaming the Silent Hunter series it is now ahead of the pack. Silent Hunter Online has developed a innovative way to fill the well polished leather boots of a U-boat captain.


The setting for the game begins in the Atlantic and moves into the English Channel and the North Sea. Each watery battlefield brings new challenges and the harder you fight the more the allies want to put you on the sea bed. The allies also seem to become more intelligent as you master the somewhat difficult controls of your U-boat. The battlegrounds are historically accurate and they do make you want to go and polish your boots so they are nice and black! Now onto a more detailed look at what hunting online with a U-boat really feels like.

For an experienced Silent Hunter the controls will seem almost exactly the same but to a novice they are a little tough to get to grips with. You have the option to control your crew by working through the chain of command. So for example if you have a destroyer in your sights, you shouldn’t just let loose a swarm of torpedoes, you should ask your weapons officer if everything is ready to go. This is a nice touch and keeps to the simulation heart of the Silent Hunter series. On the other hand you can completely ignore everything your crew tell you and fire at will and control the whole boat yourself, its up to you!

Keeping your U-boats in perfect condition and at optimum fighting ability is a huge factor in Silent Hunter Online. Fuel, weapons, armor and the ability to carry other resources like ammunition are all part of the RPG element of the game. There is also a large amount of strategy in both single and multiplayer modes. This is not a bad thing as it enhances the realism of the game.
A downside is that if you need to move your U-boats a huge distance you will have to wait a large amount of real time. This is not a game for people who want to quickly log on and immediately cause carnage. The tactic of really thinking about the situation before going in ‘torpedo tubes blazing’ is vital when organizing an online “Wolfpack” attack.

When you invite someone to join your “Wolfpack” online you enter what feels like a whole new game. Co-operation is absolutely key and if you try to work alone then your sunk. When you are talking over the internet with a “Wolfpack” member and the lights flicker in your U-boat it means that the allies are firing on you. It is a thrilling experience! Not so great when you blown up and die – but it is worth it. The build up to the action is so intense, you can feel your heart racing as the rest of your pack get into position and wait for the perfect moment.
As I have said before it is a simulation game and is heavily strategy based but the action after a huge amount of planning is very, very rewarding. What is also great about the online environment is that when you form your Wolfpack you develop particular strategies for different tasks and become familiar with each others skills.


All in all Silent Hunter Online is a great U-boat simulation game that is fun and rewarding. It has a great balance of action and strategy. It may be a bit slow in parts but if you are a serious U-boat fan and want to find out what it would have been like to have been a devil of the deep then this is the game for you. Plan, position and let loose your torpedoes.

You will need to register on the official website to play the BETA version.


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