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The Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online is a game that portrays an imaginary life on earth where the demons have become too bold to the extent that they fight with man for the space and resources available on earth. To survive, both demons and men have to engage in constant war with the smarter fighter of the two always getting the best opportunities. The software is available as a free download and easily downloads after you make a free registration. All you need to do is have an internet connection. 


Once your software download is complete, you can run the software and begin playing. The game consists of real-time commands that have a cooling down time and a casting. To play the game, you can use either the mouse or the four arrow keys to execute commands in real-time. The main contest is between the demons in the play that are default and manipulated by the software and the player who is called the demon buster or DB in short.

Like any other software, this one comes with certain features to enhance its use by the player. Right from the start, the main features are the navigational keys that are the four arrows on the keyboard or the click of the mouse. This is the way you will move forwards, backwards and to the sides during the assault on the demons. During play, the demons are designed to play by default but it is also possible to introduce custom commands by using the F key.
Other features that make the game look like real life experience is the negotiations that can actually take place between the demons and the player. It is possible to negotiate with a menacingly advancing demon by adapting a meek attitude and not fighting back. This will appeal to the demon that will disappear and leave the player free.

During the game, you have a mission to accomplish. As you face the demons, you have time to work against and the enemy to attack. You also need to make sure you change the tactics you use. This is because using the same attack style repeatedly starts to slow the attack time. Your gun will start taking longer to load and thus reduce your firing time. But if you keep changing positions and using different styles, the response time increases and you can fight more effectively.


For all game lovers who have played combat games before, it is worth stating that this one brings more than just click and fight. You must exercise creativity and diversity in the way you play the game. You cannot score higher points by just sticking your finger on a single button and repeatedly clicking. This is because the game weighs your actions. The wait time is the key thing and you also get rewards for your schemes, and attack style.


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