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Secret Online is a 3D MMO game that is set in the Qin Dynasty. Its inspiration materials were drawn from the rich and long China history. It begun during the Qin Dynasty and its NPC characters make it intriguing since they define the richly flavored myths from China.

The game emphasis strongly on the Chinese traditions and cultures. It was developed with an aim of immersing in the Chinese cultures totally. The character each player chooses can traverse the good and evil elements of the game, which is described by most players as exciting.


Magic system: the holds a lot of treasured gems for the players to collect and explore. Some of these gems offer great powers to its owners. Unlimited fights: the game offers defend and attack techniques that make the fighting sessions very enjoyable. Unique strength: every character in the game has a unique strength war system that enables them to bring out their war skills to the fullest. Maps: the game offers maps that range from the waterfront, to desert plateau to island covered jungle.
The players can use the maps to trace the treasures, dangerous undercover caves, rural wild men among other things. Mission systems: famous characters in the Chinese tradition inspire all the missions in Secret Online. Each player gets a reward after completing a mission. The rewards could be anything from gifts, money, reputation points and experience. Transforming system: this is among the best features the game has to offer.
Players use this system to change their characters appearances. The player can find these options through finishing quests, killing monsters and purchasing them as well.


As compared to other MMO games, secret online is not very different. For new players, the game offers an in-game help system. It also offers a support operation model that allows the player to choose a model they are comfortable with before they begin playing the game. These two features are not incorporated in most MMO games. Unlike other online games, Secret Online offers the player a chance to create their own characters.


To create a character you are required to choose a race, class and gender. Additionally, you can customize some aspects to suit your personal taste. The name you choose remains for the rest of the game and if you rename, you risk penalties. The secret online is an excellent game that offers the players a chance to learn and enjoy. It offers the players a chance to gain more knowledge about the rich Chinese traditions, myths and cultures that inspired the game.


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