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Having experienced the entire feel of other top rating online games, you need to get complete by trying out this dream game. Just imagine the fun achieved by beating the crap out of baddies online free of charge. The Rusty Hearts game is a free online play that features the MMORPG Video game shaped and developed by Stairway Games developers in Korea.


This game is a massive multiplayer dungeon crawler that comes in several levels that are entirely user friendly. With its stylish fast passed graphics, this game’s nature is appealing to all l level gamers across the globe. While playing the rusty Hearts game, you enjoy being part among the four characters that take on the countless monsters of the dark.
The games’ story line revolves around a wave of countless undead, dark nights among many other frightening creatures. The game gives you and the other three creatures an opportunity to become heroes by taking on and destroying an evil vampire named Vlad. Obviously, the task is not an easy one since the vampire is very powerful.
Nevertheless, this is the sweetness gained out of this game, which shapes your sharpness. Do names in a game feature some kind of fate? Personally, I believe so. Lucky enough Rusty Hearts gives you an opportunity to choose among top rating character names.

You can choose to fight the vampire as Frantz, who is tasked down to business; Tude, the survivor; Angela, the witch or Natasha, the ranger that fights at a distance. Choosing any of these characters brings to you a unique experience in terms of style, weapons, and equipment possessed. Featuring an MMO in the world hub, this game offers players a chance to shop for desired weapons, Amor, and other things as needed.
The game also offers chance to party up with other players of choice before entering the dungeon where the game turns into a semi 3d brawler. Here you will choose a member to party with to take on enemies in one room to another systematically. This continues until when you reach the boss in the particular area of choice.


To share your happiness with your friends, enjoy playing with them the rusty hearts game for PCs, which is as fun as hell. The game will not cost you a thing and is equipped with resent gigantic updates. Call up your friend’s ass up today and let him help you fight a chum to destruction. This game teaches friends to fall for one another: true friends do not let the other brawl alone.


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