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The tagline on Requiem’s website declares Memento Mori (remember death) the first horror genre MMORPG. This may or may not be true but it is definitely one in a very small category of multi-player games. Requiem was originally released as Requiem: Bloodymare in 2008 and was changed to Requiem: Memento Mori in 2009.


The title has received mixed reviews for game play and thematic content as well as a mature rating by the ESRB. Similar to many online RPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, this title has a large following of players worldwide. Most notably the US and Korea are major markets for R:MM.
Players have a lot of decision making to do before creating a character. Each character can choose from four individual races. Each of these races will have two advancement stages where two more sub classes become available during game play. One upgrade at level 10 and another at level 50, make for a longer lasting experience and an increased level of customizability. With this in mind, players should familiarize themselves with the benefits of each class and sub class prior to creation of a new character.
The theme of this game is dark and achieves its aim of being a horror based title easily. Fight sequences are bloody and follow a traditional MMORPG format. Abilities are activated via an on screen activity bar.


R:MM stands out from its competitors through it stated mission. While fantasy and sci-fi based RPGs are a dime a dozen, the horror genre is very thin. With this in mind it is difficult to say that there really is any competition for this style of play. In the broad spectrum you either enjoy graphically violent video games with a dark twist or you do not.
Compared by simple game play experience with other MMORPG titles in its category B:MM delivers the goods. It offers a world full of quests and adventure to satisfy hours of entertainment needs. The PvP option has been criticized as causing other players to constantly look over their shoulders. In a game where paranoia and fear are encouraged it does more than a little to contribute to the atmosphere of the game.


R:MM is not for everyone. That should be clear. The multiple player options offer a large amount of creativity with individual characters. In game bonuses keep play interesting and well spaced out for a longer term involvement. A lot of RPGs today are easy to get bored with. Gravity has gone a long way to prevent this. The concept is a unique take on a popular idea. Players who prefer darker characters and more bloody storylines from other games may find that Requiem is a good fit for their tastes.
All in all, It is not likely that R:MM will be taking over the MMORPG community anytime soon but it will be providing a quality alternative to other styles of game play that may not appeal to every kind of player in today’s market.


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