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Ragnarok Online is a popular 3D fantasy MMORPG game that has attractively designed sprites. It is rated as one of the best Korean MMORPG’s in the market. However, it is a pay to play game and it has been that way since its launch. Players can explore its world through a simplified, yet classy point and click control.


Its anime inspired unique sprites and graphics that make the game fun and memorable. Its system is quite interesting where players can choose from two levels, the base level and the job level. When the player gains experience points, both his/ her job and base levels advance to the next level. However, the job level tends to level up much slower. Each job level earns the player a single skill point while each base level grants the player stat points that can be allocated into varying attributes. Its large job advancement selections makes Ragnarok online feel like a completely comprehensive game.

  • Dancers, snipers and wizards : each new player begins at the Rune Midgard, the game’s world. They are termed as classless novices but they advance quickly to one of the six starting jobs. These jobs include; Merchant, Swordsman, Acolyte, Thief, Mage and Archer. Its beauty is the job advancements. They are a good way of keeping the players hooked. After the first advancement, the players are allowed to advance again to job level 40. However, after reaching the maximum job level, the player has to rebirth through starting effectively from level one. After rebirthing, the player is awarded special skills and bonus stat points. The setback associated with rebirthing is that, the player has to work his/her way up the ladder again.
  • Content Galore : Another great feature of this game is its regular content updates. Its developer, gravity has done a good job at maintain the over seven years old game. The regular updates keeps the game fresh and makes it addictive. Currently, it is at the 12th episode known as, the Nightmare of Midgard. Each of its episodes has attracted major content updates. This means that the game has had 12 main content updates since it was launched over seven years ago.
  • War of Emperium :This is yet another great aspect of Ragnarok Online. The War of Emperium is a series of huge guild wars between all the guilds on the server. The war takes place only once a week for two hours. It takes in a number of castles in the game and its main purpose is to capture the Emperium in the castle.


With the numerous new and advanced MMORPG’s being released, Ragnarok online has done a remarkable job of retaining its fun base. The game’s population on the new server, Valkyrie is growing daily. I believe that Ragnarok has passed the test of time. This is because; it has been around for over seven years and is better than most new MMORPG’s. In addition, it is considered better than MMORPG’s giants like Perfect World and Atlantica Online. The only major setback is the game’s server lag and poor questing system. It lacks a quest log; this makes it difficult for the players to keep record of what quests.


Everything about Ragnarok Online like the content rich game play and beautifully animated game world make the ideal MMORPG game of all time. Having played it severally, I can say that it plays the same as it did when it was launched. However, like so many of its kind, it has a lot of repetition, it is heavily grind oriented and its questing system is wanting.


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