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PlaneShift is a fantasy role play game, and one that you can play with multiple people online. It is set in a giant stalactite and beginners will need to start out in a city known as Hydlaa. There are a lot of typical fantasy types in this game so it is important to have a look at the strengths and the weaknesses of the different characters in order to find something that will work out and make you stronger.


Since this is a fantasy game, there are going to be a lot of unique abilities that you will be able to develop as well so some of these will help to give you a bit of an edge over the other people. It is also up to the way in which you use these abilities. There are twelve races that you can choose from when you start out with PlaneShift. The races will all have different characteristics an will also come from different “homelands”. Just some of the races that are used in the game include winged amphibians, rock amphibians, typical fantasy tropes such as dwarves and elves and many other humanoid species.
One of the best tools of this game is the tool for character creation, where the player is able to dictate what kind of character he or she wants to play. “Quick” characters are possible. As well as this, you can decide what sort of class you want your character to be. Street Warriors, Warlocks, Knights, Rogues and a range of other options are available. This game has a lot of variety so it will definitely be something worth getting into if you are looking for adventure.
This is a standard fantasy game that provides you with all of the basics. There is a fantasy world for you to explore, but there is also magic and different races. This, of course, brings you onto the subject of different types of enemies as well. For those who want to develop or start new skills in the gameplay world, you just need to get ahead and start playing PlaneShift.


If you are looking for a fun, free game to play then do not hesitate to have a look at what PlaneShift can offer you. With the different features that the game has, there is no doubt that you will be able to kill a few hours traveling through the world of Yliakum and encountering different people and monsters. The ability to “create” characters is also a great feature of this game and is probably one of the main reasons that it is popular with certain people.


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