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Panzar is a free to play third person game that focuses on team-based players while presenting the role-playing elements like experience based leveling and character growth. Its players are thrown into a unique world of fantasy and wonder where they find four inhibiting races; elves, orcs, humans and dwarves. The four races are usually at a war. They participate in team battles that are held in different arenas to offer varying experience and money. Moreover, they are in a position to boost their experience and characters through learning the new skills and buying better gears during breaks.


There is many Classes available on Panzar :

  • Paladin: this is the most efficient class especially when supporting and healing team members with spells and powders. Paladin are always able to hold their battles perfectly.
  • Ice Witch: the ice witch shackle rivals with ice spells that make the opponents weak.
  • Sister of fire: they are rarely engaged in battles. They are in a position to unleash great swarm fireballs and magical spells upon their opponents from a great distance.
  • Tank: these are in destructive mobile fortresses that quickly defeat opponents with their powerful weapons.
  • Gunner: they use their engineering genius in battle fields though the help of sophisticated war equipment that range from traps to mines to stationary cannons.
  • Sapper: they assist to replenish energy when the enemy drastically slows down their mines and traps. Moreover, they are able to create teleporters to transport their allies to battlefields immediately.

Lets have a look on the features of Panzar:

  • Has four races
  • Has unique fantasy setting
  • Features highly detailed graphics from the CryEngine 3
  • Features team based arena battles of up to 20 players
  • Has different gam models on a number of maps
  • Has great role playing elements like experience based leveling and character growth


When compared to others of its kind Panzar is on top of the game. It has great features that ensure the player plays for longer without getting bored. In addition, its campaign system is very open to players and they are free to create new units or alter the game values such as; defense, morale or combat strength if they do not agree with the game designers point of view. This gives it a better score as compared to others of its kind like the Operational Art of War.


Panzar is not a casual game but it is a great choice for a quick bash. Though difficult to learn and master, there is a lot to keep you playing for longer hours. This means that its progression mechanics hold players to grind away for longer in one character rather than upgrade to next character.


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