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Neverwinter is a Dungeons and Dragons based role playing game that puts players into instanced dungeons as they try and advance their way up to more advanced levels. The game bases its styling and rules on Dungeons and Dragons very closely so most fans of the role playing game will be very comfortable in this virtual world.


There are five different classes available for players in this game. And the game itself is based off of the ruleset of the 4th edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. The game is made up of different dungeon instances that you work your way through. Most of these can be completed on your own, but for some you will need a group of five players to get through them. One unique feature of the game is that you can bring along companions with you throughout the game. These companions have different abilities, though most people tend to rely on the healing companions most of all.
The most defining feature of the game is the foundry, which allows other players to create missions that other players can go through. In these missions you create the landscape, designate the enemies that players are up against and even design the story line. You can place all of the characters in the map and give them different lines to say when they are encountered. Very advanced missions can be created using this system and some of them rival missions created by high-budget gaming companies. This allows for an unlimited amount of content to play through and it is what many of the players enjoy most about the game.


Dungeons and Dragons online is one of the major competitors to this game because it stays within the same theme as this game does. Dungeons and Dragons online is a little more limited in style and design. Even though they are both free to play, there is more content available in Neverwinter because of all of the user generated content that you have available to you. There is also a more advanced crafting system in Neverwinter.


If you enjoy role playing games with standard classes such as mages, warriors, clerics, and rogues then you will enjoy Neverwinter. Even though the graphics in this game aren’t particularly impressive, there are enough other redeeming factors to make it worth checking out. The combat system is quick and fluid making it very enjoyable. The main thing that keeps this game fun and interesting is the user generated content from the Foundry. That feature makes this game much more enjoyable and was an excellent idea by Cryptic Studios.


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