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Mu Online is 2D castle in the sky sort of game. It is MMORPG and is one of the oldest to hit the gaming market. Gamers First is the official publisher of the game. Some of its graphics are more or less like those of the pc RPGs that preceded it. The origin of the game dates back to 2003 when it used to be the talk of the street. Despite that long period, the game continues to hold its strong magnetic effects to its players as well as new adventure seekers.

To be more precise, it is one of the few that doesn’t seem to give in to the test of time. On the contrary, its rate of subscription has remained steady with it being viewed as many people’s favorite. You’ve just got to experience its magic force of attraction and you are going to like what you get. Generally, the game has 5 classes with two of them to be unlocked. That means that there are three ready ones that are awaiting your exploration.


As mentioned, Mu Online features 5 main classes. The first one is the Dark night Wizards. It is the first offensive stage with the wizards having greater power of mass destruction. The only redeeming factor for the gamer is the fact they have a somehow weakly built defensive mechanisms. Second in order is the Dark Knight that has a bounty of hit points.  Next is Fairy Elf, a combination of archetypes and archer. They have the ability to cast an incredibly high level of supportive magic. You better watch your back because the kind of damage executable by them is beyond repair.
The open class is the Magic Gladiator and as the name suggests, you can’t you have to stand strong to withstand the magic. There is the Dark Lord that will petrify you with his force with the Dark Horse and Dark Raven to his command. The Summoner uses powerful scrolls to call upon deadly monsters to their aid while the Rage Fighter uses their physical advantage to launch attacks.


Great games are born out of great companies. Mu Online is game with long trail of success behind. Not many games can tell the same story as many of them are short-lived. It offers a lot of exciting scenes that are provocatively enticing.


Overall, the game is worth spending your time on. It has everything needed to make your world of fantasy a complete and exciting one. Plus, it offers you some privileges that other games would take for hear says. The animations are like no other and the general mood is welcoming. Don’t just take the mere word of it. Try it out.


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