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Fans of vampire folklore will be impressed by the experience that they get through Moonlight Online. This is an all new 3D online RPG, which follows different races vying for domination of a realm.


Players will get the chance to create a character in the mold of a vampire, werewolf or human. Each of these characters will have their own special abilities, which will develop as the game goes on. Moonlight Online offers people the chance to explore a large scale environment, which will include many different quests and challenges. Each of these races can be developed in to further character classes, which will give people many options for customization. This will help many people discover the benefits of using a knight, sage, or rogue character in the game.
There are many features that will draw in users and make them fans of Moonlight Online. It has a unique new weapon crafting system, which enables players to upgrade the weapon overtime. But many people have been impressed that they can actually transfer over these upgrades if they want to link up with a new weapon. This can save a substantial amount of time, which can help people simply enjoy their experience in the universe. The graphics themselves are impressive, with each character offering a number of unique styles and features. This can enable people to become fully immersed in the online environment and the character that they create. This truly creates an incredible fantasy world, full of dark and mystical elements.


There are a few reasons why Moonlight Online is a special game that has drawn in a lot of attention from people out there. It has introduced many fantasy elements, but keeps them confined to vampire lore. This puts it apart from games like World of Warcraft, which tend to focus on a more broadly defined fantasy universe. It also has its own unique set of game play elements, including the ability to effectively design your own weapon. But since it is played through Facebook, it introduces several new social media elements as well. Players can choose to meet up with their friends here and enjoy the experience that they can get.


In sum, Moonlight Online adds a brand new look to the way that online browser based games are played. A number of people have praised its graphics and how easy it is to use. There is a short tutorial that is provided, but many elements will feel natural to players out there. If new players feel skeptical, they can always try out the game for a short period of time to test it out themselves.


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