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Longtime fans of the Monster Hunter series may be interested in checking out one of the most recent releases for the franchise. The Monster Hunter Online game will combine some of the classic aspects of the series with a massively multiplayer online format. The result will be a new MMORPG that promises to deliver a lot of interesting action and novel challenges that will test the abilities of many new gamers out there. 


If you would like to get started, you should keep an eye out for the upcoming release here in the United States. Previously, the game has only been available to players in Japan.  But the developers are anticipating that they should be able to release a finalized version of the game in the west before the end of the 2013 year.
The game will feel familiar to anyone who has ever played MMORPG titles in the past, but it will also please fans of the Monster Hunter series in general. Even though it has created an all new world, the game will still place emphasis on fighting individual monsters. Some of the monsters that have been incorporated in to this game have impressive size and scale to them, especially in relation to the characters that you may create in the beginning.
The game has already cultivated a fan base of millions of players so far in Japan, so it is expected to perform well during its United States release.  It is ending the final phases of beta testing as the summer months draw to a close.


Though there are other MMORPG franchises out on the marketplace now, this will still prove to bring some original elements to the table. The series has long been known for providing players with the chance to battle against monsters that are many times their size. This new game will promise to help continue the same general feeling that many players have gotten from the series in the past.
There are some competitors that have already carved out a niche in the market, such as World of Warcraft. But this new entry has already got the online role playing community buzzing about what they might be able to expect.


In all, Monster Hunter Online should prove to be a popular addition to the series. Fans will enjoy the chance to experience their favorite series in an all new way. It will also make the series itself much more accessible to new players out there. Think about how new players may enjoy the chance to play the game with many of their friends.
This may be the first time that a Monster Hunter game in the series has actively promoted social networking among its players. It will also require that players register and form a subscription to the series. This could feel different for some, but many are starting to appreciate how this could improve the nature of the game.

The game is available with the BETA CLOSED (for Asia only at the moment).


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