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Monato Esprit is a virtual-world game that falls under the designation of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). This PC video game for Windows is 3-D, fantasy-based and “persistent”; a game in which the player’s “world” keeps changing and evolving even when players are off-line.

Released in July, 2009, Esprit is aimed at a relatively young audience and is suitable for the casual player. Downloading and playing are free and there are virtually no non-player characters (NPC) serving as vendors, so the game’s economy is player-based, involving barter and trade with MetaTIX currency.


Participants familiar with MMORPG will find Monato Esprit easy to navigate. Players adopt winged avatars, called Archons, who venture throughout the magical world of Monato Esprit to fight monsters, ferret through dungeons, embark on quests and seek to ultimately vanquish dreaded Nightmares, all the while interacting with other players and NPCs.
Cooperation among players is fostered, with both short-term goal-oriented alliances and longer-term guilds which serve as social networks. Successful quests and vanquished monsters garner experience-points and items, enabling players to advance incrementally upward in levels that provide improved equipment and more powerful abilities.


Spun from parent NeoWiz Corp., NeoWiz Games Corp. (KOSDAQ 095660) has forged a name for itself in the intensely competitive South Korean online gaming market. Online gaming in South Korea has been a field of phenomenal growth, with more than 25,000,000 South Koreans (out of a population of some 50,000,000) pursuing some form of online entertainment.
Top professional gamers are considered celebrities and bring down hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The online gaming industry, led by giant game developers Nexon and NCSOFT, generates more than $5 billion annually.


Monato Esprit draws most of its gamers from a pool of younger, less-experienced players, who are drawn to the action and fantasy elements of the game, and who also like the player-driven economy. Other pluses include an informative and easy-to-use tutorial zone, simple mouse-manipulation and a well-structured crafting system.
Plenty of quests are offered and it is not difficult to advance through the various levels of play. The game also utilizes MetaTix e-currency, which can be used not just for Monato Esprit, but for other games as well, such as BattleSwarm. To conclude, Monsanto Esprit should be considered for newcomers to multi-player gaming as well as for those who choose merely to dabble in the world of MMORPG. Serious players and professional gamers will probably want to skip this one.

This is still the BETA version you can apply. Log in (or suscribe) to the official website and play straight away !


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