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Might & Magic : Duel of Champions game offers classic fantasy of the might and magic in a card trading game style. It begins with you choosing a hero and a faction. These factions include; haven that represents healing and protection, necropolis that represents stealing and infecting life and inferno that represents damage and attack.


The story line and deck you receive will depend on the faction you select. After choosing a faction, you should create your army from the over 250 cards that are offered. Some cards are used to inflict pain on the opposing players’ minions while others are used to boost the ability of your minion cards during the game. However, in order to play cards, your hero must follow certain criterion that requires them to have enough resources and their current attributes ought to surpass the attributes indicated on the card you want to play.

This is a unique might and magic game that features iconic heroes, characters and spells. Its cards are illustrated beautifully and its factions are presented in totally new format. It is an innovative game that is skill based to enhance the player’s experience. It also features a foiled premium collector’s edition and over 250 detailed playing cards. It has five factions that are created to have different themes. They are summarized as follows;

  • Haven: this is a good faction whose cards are the healer and defensive type that take a lot of thrashing to beat.
  • Sanctuary: they are represented by a race of half human and half snake creatures that possess the ability to buff other creatures very quickly above what their foes can protect them against. Their look gives their opponents a false sense of security since they seem weak as they appear. However, they become unstoppable within a few minutes and turns.
  • Stronghold: this is represented by the green skinned creatures and the orcs in the might and magic universe. They are feared for their relentless and aggressive attacks and numerous troops at their disposal.
  • Necropolis: this faction represents the necromancers who fight and wield their powers through the undead. Their attacks are characterized by draining life from their foes and creating masses of undead minions to their advantage.
  • Inferno: these are the nukers. They are feared because their spells are very destructive and have the ability to turn the battle in their favor very quickly. They can harm friendly minions like ferocity.

Duel of Champions is an easy to learn game but difficult to master. However, its developers offer a tutorial that you can watch and learn the basics of the game. It is entertaining and deserves the attention of every might and magic lover. Most people have compared it to World of Warcraft which is a great game that is actually better than magic the gathering.


In my opinion, this is a solid game that has a large audience. However, it might lack replay value because it contains some hard to ignore faults and it is too short. But generally, the experience is fun.


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