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There are many online Multiplayer games available in the web. Super Hero Squad Online is one of those games. This game is specially designed and is well suited for young players. This game works in various platforms including; Microsoft Windows and OS X. Super Hero Squad Online is a game that is free to play and supports a monthly subscription as well as a micro-transaction of  in-game currency.

The Marvel Super Hero Squad online was the first massive multiplayer online game to be developed by Gazillion’s and Marvel’s in their publishing agreement that was to run for 10 years. Marvel Heroes followed later.


Super Hero Online players are required to use the heroes to form their own fighting squads.  The players can choose a hero to participate in different activities and also play in a number of games. As play continues, the heroes grow their power to combat and also unlock the animated emotes that they can use in the social game world zones.
The game has alternate controls that the players click and move from one place to another. Players can either use the mouse click or use the traditional keys in the keyboard to move. There are selected characters that can fly after the player has clicked the green circles that are located on the ground. Other characters are not able to fly but have the power to double jump. Points in this game are separated in two compartments; silver and gold. Players can use the gold points to buy more heroes while the silver points are used in the purchase of additional items in the headquarters.
A prize wheel that is similar to the webkinz prize wheel is available in this game. The player can use the prize wheel to move easily and unlock more gold and silver. The game world areas are separated as zones. Some of the zones that are available in Super Hero Squad online include; Baxter Building, Daily Bugle, and Asgard. Villainville is also another zone that the players can visit. The players will conduct missions that they are supposed to win all the battles and overcome their enemies in order to be declared the final boss.


There are several games that are similar to the Super Hero Squad Online. City of Heroes Freedom is one of the online gamers that is similar to Super Hero Squad Online. This game is easy to play though it is considered by some players as outdated because of its graphics.


It is evident that Super Hero Squad Online is one of the best games that you should try. The game is easy to play and while provide the excitement you need when you are tired.



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