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Another Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by devCAT studio and distributed by Nexon the Korean game distributing company. Although the game derives its name from an anthology legend in Wales mabinogion, it is worth noting that the settings actually originates from Irish mythologies.

The game is very dynamic and still continues to grow with new features always coming up in the form of generations or seasons that the distributors introduce into the market to bring up new features to keep the game as vibrant and robust as possible. A major feature that makes Mabinogi rather popular is its user interface that resembles that of an ordinary Microsoft Windows task panel.

Similar to other massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the market, Mabinogi is as interactive as it is challenging and interesting. As soon as you sign in, you must start by creating your own character. Each player creates a character and this process is important because the character you create will enhance or ruin your chances at progressing in the game. Among the features you can add to create your character includes the race, a name and even the looks.
After the character creation, you must also choose the soul stream which is the fantasy world in the game between life and death. Other essential features that you will need to succeed as a player include ability points that you earn to improve your skills and to enhance your gaming experience. Within the game, there is a clock that is different from the ordinary 24 hour clock you all know about. In this clock, 36 playing minutes equates to a full gaming day.

For players who have tried other similar online games, the graphics in this game are great and very interesting by any standards. The game file is also large at 3GB. This in turn means that you need a machine with good processor speed and Random access memory modules to get the best graphic refresh rates from this game. Another aspect that will catch your attention when you play the game for the first time is the great accompanying music.
The music is good and thrilling enough as compared to many similar games. While many features seem to work just right, some people cannot help but notice the awkward combat skills and boring dungeon designs for a combative game that involves lots of skills progression. The last thing to point out is about the shops in the game. Almost all useful items that will enhance your gaming experience only come at some cost at the shops.

Mabinogi is thrilling enough but parents should take note of the violence. Although many games of this kind also have violent scenes, you need to make sure your kids do not get influenced by the actions in the game. The interactive platform that a player gets with other players online could increase the danger considering that you may not exactly screen everything the players share online.
It is good to note that most swear words used in the action filter out automatically to keep your kids safe. The skills progression makes it challenging enough to attract both players of all ages.


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