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Loong: The Power of the Dragon is a fantasy MMORPG that takes place in ancient China. The free to play game is set in a mythical Chinese world created by the god Pangu. The game enables players to explore an ancient Eastern civilization by delving into the intrigues and mysteries of the region’s nine cities in search of the great dragons who once ruled the world. There are deep dungeons inhabited by powerful spirits that a player can tame to achieve great strength and power.


The game takes you through endless adventures in expansive desert landscapes, fascinating castles full of mysteries, long winding journeys in the deep jungles, and many other captivating settings. It has a familiar oriental setting with visually colorful and fascinating graphics.
There are several features that make Loong: The Power of the Dragon a unique Oriental MMORPG experience. For a start, it is free to play which means players do not have to worry about payment. You start out in the game as a member of the Dragon Village before you take on a quest. There are over one thousand quests to choose from each involving the search for the legendary dragons.
The game has a quest log which lists all the available quests which you can easily auto-navigate to. It has dazzling 3D graphics that are well rendered in a unique oriental art style. Its combat is simply awesome. Fighting is mainly done in Kung-Fu style with breathtaking aerodynamics.
The game has a pet system where the pets are known as spirit beasts. These intelligent pets have different skills and abilities. They can be ridden for easy transportation or even collect loot for their masters. The game has numerous skills which you can use to master your talent with weapons. It has PvP combat and guild warfare too.
You create your avatar or character using an array of hair colors, faces, and dressing styles. There is also an option for adding scars and tattoos to your characters. Movement in the game is basically by keys W, A, S, and D. Alternatively, you can move by simply pointing and clicking.


Despite its familiar Oriental setting and style, Loong: The Power of the Dragons has a unique art style, a more improved class system, and many other features than other similar games such as 9Dragons, A Tale in The Desert, A3 India, and Alganon. It is also free to play while most of the other games only provide free trail or paid options. Loong has a better interface and a bigger selection of quests than most of its competitors.


Loong: The Power of the Dragon comes with over a thousand quests, numerous magical pets to assist you along the way, and fast-paced PvP combat that can incorporate up to 500 players. It gives players many diversion and attack functionalities including the ability to swim over long distances. It has many other small features which, in total combination, give it a high production value and set it apart from other similar games.


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