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The popularity of role playing games (RPG) as well as massive multiplayer online games (MMORPG), such as Land Of Chaos Online : Evolution (LOCO), has risen steeply over the last few years. Players enjoy an immerse world with their friends in MMORPG’s, and the new LOCO game has all the attractions you would expect from a high quality MMORPG. The game is set in a world of magic and monsters where players battle creatures and each other for powerful items and gear.


LOCO : Evolution is a combination of the very popular Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) style of game-play with a deeper, more immersive feel due to the clean combat graphics and stunning environments. It is an easy game to understand and play even if you’re unfamiliar with DOTA or other similar games. There is a large array of heroes to choose from ranging from wizards to brutish melee classes. Each class has a wide range of skills to choose from as well as two ultimate talents to turn the tide of any battle. Two different formats can be selected from before you begin each match; death-match and the standard DOTA format where you are required to destroy the enemy’s base. For new players, there is an option to have your talent points automatically distributed as you acquire new levels. For more experienced players, expert mode can be chosen to allow the player to select which skills they want.


Since the success of DOTA, many companies have adopted the style of game-play which makes it easy for players to play in short bursts rather than many hours every day in order to progress. The biggest competitor to LOCO : Evolution is undoubtedly League of Legends which has grown to the most popular game in its genre. LOCO offers a slightly different approach to other DOTA-type games. Instead of having a bird’s eye view of your character, you control your hero in the third person. This brings you closer to the action of a fight and can be more enjoyable than a bird’s eye view. The diversity of classes as well as the amount of talents and skills available to each class is also far greater than the average action role playing game. LOCO will give you hours of entertainment by just trying all the different classes in the game.


LOCO : Evolution is among many other great titles in its genre, and yet it is a unique game itself. If you enjoyed playing DOTA or League of Legends, then LOCO should be the next on your list of games you should try. Join the competitive LOCO battles in the ranked ladder to test your skills.


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