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While the new Lego “Minifigures” online game is already a huge hit, the presentation of the software continues to work for the game’s creators since The Lego Group is legend for innovative games. In fact, Lego games have been a staple in the digital realm for more than 16 years.


Also, there have been 45 previous video games that have carried the famed “Lego” name; while the games are based on the fun building and construction activity using Lego blocks that become both people and things. In addition, this PC video game for Windows has received high marks from gamers because “it is a good one for kids.” For instance, the game is described as an “online adventure” that allows players to take their favorite Lego characters to Space World, Pirate World and even an interesting Medieval World.

With a proven track record in the development of interesting video games, Lego continues this proud tradition with its new “Minifigures” online game that draws on its successful “Lego Creator: Harry Potter” that was issued way back in 2001, but is still relevant today, say longtime video game fans commenting online. The game’s software also allows players to join other Lego fans and battle there way “through monstrous riff-raff,” or Lego speak for bad guys. Also, the launch of Lego Minifigures – for the second half of 2014 – means this fun-filled game works with any PC or Android or iOS system.

While there is Lego “Minifigures” online, there is now a new development in this world created by little plastic construction blocks that kids worldwide love to play with as a creative outlet. Thus, it is no surprise to Lego fans that the popular Minifigures line of online characters are now ready to debut in a new PC game that pits these Lego action stars in various out of this world realms so they can share various adventures.  Of course, the famed Lego Company developed this game as part of the vast Lego Empire that has excited kids of all ages for decades.

Another aspect of Lego unveiling its “Minifigures” online game is linked to the company’s long history of creating various role-playing themed games in both classic board games and PC video games. There are many interesting options for gameplay with the age level for Minifigures being in the range from age five and up depending on PC online game experience. Lego has also partnered with other leading software gaming developers for this latest installment that features the ever popular peg-legged pirates made from – you guessed it – the famed Lego building blocks.


Overall, the beauty of playing this new Lego game called “Minifigures Online” is there is no over the top violence or sexual overtones that are a clear element in most games today. In fact, there are many testimonials from happy parents who are overjoyed about their children playing with these wee little Lego characters in both plastic and digital form for simply fun role-playing. While there are many gamers who may have enjoyable memories of playing with Lego bricks as kids, they will be pleasantly surprised at the sophistication of this fantasy game world that Lego has developed overtime. So funny and very good, we advise everybody to play the game.

The game is still in development and will be launched in 2014. Beta version available very soon


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