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Knight Age is a new MMORPG that offers a fresh take on this type of game. Many players will immediately be drawn in by the expansive medieval style game play and setting that is offered here. Some people may generally be impressed when they log on to initially create their characters.


It is designed to feature some of the best new components that people may have come to enjoy from Asian RPGs. The game will introduce a few new concepts, such as the ability to engage in mounted battles. This will help add some innovation that will make the game both addicting and innovative.
Some people will immediately be impressed by the graphics that they see. This creates its own unique world, which seems to blend fantasy and core MMO aspects. It offers a chance to get fully entrenched in this unique world design. Many players will immediately be interested in the ‘Pupa’ that will be assigned to your character. This will essentially be a pet, but it can be trained to grow to larger proportions. You can develop this pet in to a dragon or other fantasy animal. They can even aid you in combat when they are leveled up. This adds a fun and engaging new component to the game that you play.


Knight Age will offer many people the chance to experience a new perspective on how the MMORPG genre can be experienced. It bears some similarity to existing games, such as 100 Years War. But it does have its fair share of unique elements as well. It has a gift system, which will offer many people the chance to get linked up with new items. You may be surprised by how effective it can be to experience this new fantasy rpg combat system as well.


Ultimately, this is an enjoyable new MMORPG that brings a lot of new game play elements to the table. It can be fun to level up both your mount and your Pupa, since this offers a unique customization element to the game. Some players may also be interested in the revamped user interface, which will make things easier as well. Knight Age will bring a new experience that many players will want to try for themselves.


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