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Set in Ancient China, Jade Dynasty allows players to play in a MMOPRG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) to obtain forbidden knowledge about martial arts.

The story becomes more involved when the several factions need to battle against demi-god tribes to obtain the ancient martial arts that has been hidden from man. You control a character from a 3rd person point of view as you quest your way through 150 levels. The stunning visuals and an entertaining music score make for a great opening to the game. The entire graphic design is based on a giving a realistic feel to the game.


As many MMORPG fans know, the worlds that you play in are big and getting around them is a pain. Jade Dynasty has an auto-run feature which makes getting around far less tiresome. You can select a quest you want to travel to and then let your character auto-walk there while you grab something to drink. A total of 150 levels are available which is far more than most MMORPGs.
The overall quality of the graphics in Jade Dynasty is very good; extremely detailed environments and life-like character models. Unlike other MMORPGs, the way you choose a class in Jade Dynasty is by joining a faction when you reach level 15. Each factions has its own fighting style such as magic, melee and healing.
Daily events keep players busy and it offers them a chance to do something with their friends on a regular basis. There is a marriage system that allows characters of the opposite sex to marry each other to be able to earn special romance points for various rewards.


Jade Dynasty is better than most MMORPGs in the graphics department. It is a very artistic game. The auto-walk feature is something that very few MMOPRGs have. Jade Dynasty also has a marriage system, allowing players to marry each other. It also boasts great pet battles and base combat where you can have your household or guild fight other enemies in a group battle.
For some players, the pve (player vs. environment) will feel too easy because it lacks depth. The game only has around 10 zones which is far less than most MMORPGs, although the zones are very big.


Overall, Jade Dynasty is a great game with spectacular visuals. It falls short in the player base with too few people playing the game to give it the population it needs. Many players feel that the pve is just too easy and doesn’t offer enough of a challenge for pve fans. There is a lot of depth in the skills, which does make leveling your character very fun. For those players who are looking for a very realistic game with great combat graphics, then this game is perfect for you. If you want something that is challenging, then there are other games that can give you that challenge such as World of Warcraft.

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