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Infinite Crisis is a licensed DC Comics game that will aim to compete with other multi-player online battle arena (MOBA ) games such as DOTA2 and League of Legends. Players will be able to select from a wide variety of DC superheroes and villains such as the Joker, Batman, the Green Lantern and Catwoman and fight it out in arena style battles.


In this amazing game, each character has a unique playstyle to ensure that players don’t get bored after they’ve mastered one character. Infinite Crisis has been available since May 2013 as a closed beta, and is expected to officially launch in the later part of 2013.The main draw of Infinite Crisis is the multiple characters, as well as the variety of DC universes that are represented in the game. Even the same character can take on multiple characteristics due to the different universe of origin, such as Batman, who can either be a techno-geek Gaslight Batman or a pitiless monster Nightmare Batman, each with different abilities and methods of play.
Infinite Crisis also features destructible environments, which separates it from other MOBAs. This destructible terrain means that players can eliminate lanes and change the terrain to suit their needs. While destruction won’t win a game, it adds an interesting spin to the dynamic of the MOBA genre.


Infinite Crisis will have a large hurdle to overcome as it challenges far more established MOBAs such as DOTA2 and the juggernaut League of Legends. These games have to be balanced, fun to play and also fun to watch, as League of Legends matches can draw millions of viewers during the larger tournaments. However, while Infinite Crisis takes a lot from other MOBAs, it adds a much more intuitive skill system to the champions, with the roles of characters being less strictly defined. There are no traditional carry characters, as each character becomes powerful in the end game which makes the progression of the game fun and engaging.


Infinite Crisis is still in beta, so forming a concrete opinion of the game is difficult. However, slight deviations from other MOBAs and the addition of destructible elements and intuitive skills will definitely be a draw to new players when the game is released. And probably the best draw for Infinite Crisis is the fact that you can play as Batman. In fact, you can play as an infinite variety of Batmans, and who can say that that isn’t the best thing ever?

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