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Icy Tower is a free single player computer game which was released in December 2001. The aim of the game is for the player to get their character to climb as much of the tower as they can without falling off the bottom of the screen, whilst gaining the highest possible score.

However there are obstacles in the way – as the character gets higher, the faster the floors in the tower move, making it more difficult for the character to climb higher. The game is available for both Mac and Windows, making it very flexible. The character in the game is controlled via a keyboard, so you can play the game on either a desktop computer or a laptop. The current version of the game is 1.5.


Icy Tower has some great features; if a player can get their character to gain enough momentum, then they can climb more than one floor at once using a single jump. More than one multi-floor jump will start a combo, and this will end when the player falls off a floor, fails to make a jump in 3 seconds, or only manages a single floor jump. Each floor length will change in appearance every 100 floors until the thousandth floor, and also depends on the progress of the player and the game version.
It is impossible to reach the top of the tower though, as its height is infinite. The player can save a replay of the game after they are finished. Icy Tower shows the best results of the players in a high score table, and players can also publish their high scores online, although players may be required to post their game replays as evidence.


There are many games which you could say are similar to Icy Tower, however this one stands out due to the infinite amount of levels which you can never finish; this makes it both frustrating and brilliant to play! The fact that Free Lunch Design take the opinions of the players into account make it very attractive, and the fact it is also free to play puts it above other similar platform games.


Overall, I would recommend Icy Tower as it is a fun game to play, and even better, it is free to download. It doesn’t have millions of players around the world for nothing!


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