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Gunz 2: The Second Duel also known as Gunz is a war video game. It was originally released in Korea in 2011. It requires at least Windows XP to work efficiently. It can also operate with later operating system versions such as Vista and windows 7. In case you are using a CPU, it requires a Pentium 4 processor that has a 3.0 GHz speed. However, a core 2 Duo E600 is highly recommended. It requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM though a 4GB is highly recommended.


Gunz 2 is widely known as a 3D MMO shooter that features a third person view and same as games like S4 League. It has some unique elements that make it an exceptional action game. It features the use of guns and swords to overcome enemies in a unique manner. The battles take place on the walls, columns, statues and ground. It is a great game allows you to utilize skill, great strategic playing tactics and experience.

Diverse game play: it includes all the features of Gunz 1. Gunz 2 has adopted the Gunz 1 class system that provides varying skills and performance while using different weapon types. This allows you to make and raise a character that defines your style to create an original game play. Huge bosses and improved PvE system: Gunz 2 allows the player to experience intense and strategic fights where they can cling on bosses whose height exceeds 20 meters and climb them to attack their weak points.
Ultimate acrobatic action: its acrobatic action has evolved greatly. Its wall action from previous versions has been strengthened and now the characters can enjoy more spectacular acrobatic actions such as hanging and jumping. Contains physics engine that is merged with the game: in addition to the techniques and weapons, the user is allowed to use objects and the environment during the destroying and collapsing battlefields. Easier game play: it features an improved user control system that makes it easy for anyone to boast high-level actions.


Gunz 2 reminds a player of the chaos of games such as Quake and Unreal Tournament within small areas and a good number of players. This means that the game’s action never stops until the match ends. However, this makes Gunz 2 more enjoyable and addictive.


Generally, Gunz 2 is a game for players who are looking for a classic fast-paced combat. However, it features a twist on main mechanics such as the wall running that add to the game play and tactics that players use. Its visuals are good-looking taking from the Japanese and Korean anime styles. It allows the players to play a competitive game online via co-op campaign with friends.


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