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GunBound World Champion is basically a free to play game of strategy that takes you to battle in the fantasy planet of Lond which has 8 moons. It is an entertaining adventure where you have to rely on tanks and armored vehicles to conquer new lands and defend your territories from marauding enemies.


The objective of the game is to infiltrate enemy camps to take over their lands and find the best way to protect your own. You need to know how to effectively use your firepower with great accuracy. GunBound World Champion comes in a multi-player platform which allows you to create special commando troops before going to battle. It has a good graphic interface which contains all the tools needed to arm your troops as well as information on combat strategies. The game has numerous screens with user-friendly graphics and entertaining sound effects. Preparation for battle involves choosing the best items, vehicles called mobiles, and avatar.

GunBound World Champion has some of the best features for a turn-based artillery game. The features are designed to test your skills in two-dimensional ballistic-simulation shooting. The general gameplay involves assigning players into two opposing groups where they take turns to shoot at each other using armored vehicles called Mobiles. Each vehicle has three types of weapons which are labeled 1, 2, and Special Shot or simply SS. A great feature of the game is the use of avatar items that provide statistical advantages in the battlefront.
The avatar items are bought using the game’s currency of gold or real money using credit cards or via PayPal. GunBound World Champion has several game modes such as Score in which you share game lives among all members of your team and Solo where each member of your team has one life. Other game modes include Tag and Jewel.
The game has several maps of different landscapes to fight on complete with different weather conditions that can either positively or negatively affect your performance in the battlefield. Another good feature of the game is the ability for a player to gain more gold simply by taking successful trick shots. Some of the trick shots include back shots that take down a target in front of you or high angle shots.


GunBound World Champion is quite similar to Worms and other games such as Gunrox, Lux Delux, Dofus Arena, and Battle for Wesnoth. However, compared to the others, GunBound World Champion has a higher user rating due to its more user-friendly interface, functionality, and availability of several game modes.


GunBound World Champion is an exciting turn-based game that takes place in the land of Lond. The greatest demand of the game is the right shooting skills such as which angle to shoot from and the amount of firepower needed to acquire targets from a long distance. You also need to take into consideration other important factors such as wind and height of your target.
If you enjoy games of strategies then GunBound World Champion is your best choice. Do not hesitate to download the Season 3 of this amazing game.


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