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In life, every person expects to get nothing much but the essential commodities such as clothing and perhaps housing given by parents. With skills, one is expected to forge a new territory for him/herself. Greed Monger is a free to play MMORPG which gives one opportunities to harvest, hunt, build and guard new territories.


Greed Monger players work tirelessly to belong to upper stratums of the society through establishing wealth and estates. At the onset of the game, Greed Monger players are required to purchase parcels of land in the gaming world using real money. Afterwards, they are able to build 3D Non-Instanced housing which they will decorate with gold pieces dropped by monsters. The monsters will also drop armory such as swords and other weapons that the player will use to safeguard the built premises.
The theme of the game is to build a true sandbox, which takes place in the medieval era. The game begins with nature, players, monsters and raw materials. For one to make an interesting and adventurous world out of the free space, he/she needs to be creative enough since everything else such as creating food depends on the players. Purchases of homes and other stuff can also be made from other players. What makes the game more captivating is the fact that there is an ever expanding pool of plans and procedures which promises diversity and adequate fun.


Various unique features make Greed Monger an interesting game to play online; the obvious feature is the ability to purchase land using real money and auctioning the built estates after the player decides to leave the game. Greed Monger brings back the sense of real community that massive multi-player online games used to have with “person to person”-above head chat. There are no micro-transactions in the Greed Monger game making transactions safe and transparent.
Playing Greed Monger doesn’t require any skill, it all depends on one’s creativity and ability to learn fast. Unlike other online games, Greed Monger is targeted towards niche players who are capable of establishing and driving their economies. Everything owned by players has value on the game hence; the more one owns, the more he/she is worth and the better the prestigious status.


Though Greed Monger is free to play for those who wish to exploit, it is also incorporates critical and creative thinking skills which add fun. Greed Monger brings the sense of real life activities such as real-estate ownership and business skills such as auctioning. The developer needs to concentrate on building a diverse customer base since more people are interested in being part of the Greed Monger community. Bigger communities bring more creativity and excitement.



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