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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online is a multi-player action video game released for Microsoft Windows PCs and planned for Nintendo’s Wii U console, which is is part of Tom Clancy’s ‘Ghost Recon’ collection of games. Like the others in this series, the game is played from a third-person perspective – ‘the 3rd person shooter’  – with the Windows version of the game released as a free to play game through a ‘Uplay’ account. 


The game was developed by Ubisoft Singapore utilising the YETI game engine, and was released for Windows PCs in August 2012, and is due for release on the Nintendo Wii U in 2013

As with many third-person squad based shooters, ‘Ghost Recon Online’ allows players to choose from different roles as a ‘Ghost’ , either carrying out the frontline attack, retreating into a stealth mode or providing tactical support to the rest of your team. Moreover you can alter your selection of ‘Ghost class’ depending on the demands of the battlefield. And through this you are able to develop your character as you progress through the game, gaining new attributes and weaponry, and allowing you to compete to become the greatest ‘Ghost’. With it being a ‘free to play’ game, users can download and play Ghost Recon Online’s main features without spending money, and players are able to improve their experience by using either points collected within the game, or using real money to buy additional weaponry and equipment for their ‘Ghost’ characters.


With ‘Ghost Recon Online’ being a free-to-play MMO 3rd person shooter, it has to be compared with others which offer the same level of accessibility for all gamers. In this sense it must be compared with the likes of ‘Battlefield Play4Free’, ‘Global Agenda: Free Agent’ and ‘Firefall’, and which ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online’ compares rather favourably. With the tactical features of the game and a focus on cover – with players able to shelter behind objects and walls, and the varying tactical classes allows players to cooperate within a team to complete goals and become the best.


It is through this level of tactical awareness and need for cooperation required to achieve the goals of the game which sets ‘Ghost Recon Online’ apart from similar titles. The fact the game is free to play and boasts the impressive YETI engine means that ‘Ghost Recon Online’ is, in many gamer’s eyes, the best example of a tactical squad-based, third-person perspective, online free-to-play shooter. And the fact that it is free means it can be tried out by anyone with the correct specs on their PC, so if you like tactical shooters then ‘Ghost Recon Online’ is definitely worth a go.


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