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Music Video game software is among the most common type of interactive games ever generated these days. Frets on Fire (FOF) of Unreal Voodoo developer, is a free and open-source type of Finnish music video game. Its significance enables the players to enjoy the game with its music video contemplating to acquire a score points on screen and attaining a high point multiplier in order to deliver a complete song.

Fret on Fire has already made its recognition internationally being the winner of the Assembly 2006 game development competition. It became a ground breaking step for the Frets on Fire (FOF) developers to successfully improve or enhance the system after winning the said event.


Frets on Fire are a type of game that basically involves song files, internal fonts and have redistribution, which is not permitted outside of the Frets on Fire executable. Like any other music video games, this is written in the Python programming language. Some features of the game include its compatibility with Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. What makes it more stimulating is its functionality, which the players use the keyboard by simply pressing the fret buttons and pick buttons. In addition to this, it has support for joysticks, provided with the appropriate adapter and/or software plus various guitar-type controllers can also be utilized.


Unlike other music video games in the market industry, Fret on Fire (FOF) emphasizes the community and the social aspect of playing. This means that right from the start, we already wanted to make it easy for people to generate their additional content like the new songs for the game, as well as compete against each other in online tournaments. Another thing, compared from other music video games, Frets on Fire can be played without any special hardware like guitar controllers just by using the keyboard. The approach of this game had paid off, depending on the quantity of the players of the game and the communities that have formed. Additional special features of the game are a built-in song editor (or “fretting” tool) that directly edits and create songs.


The advantage of Frets on Fire (FOF) is its recognition acquired from the Assembly and the positive feedbacks from various publications. The most significant thing also is to concentrate on gameplay, as this is very fun to play with and everything else is secondary. It has a very strong online community that has been keeping the project going for all a long period of time.


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