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If you are bored of your day to day life, and you would like to escape into a fun world where you control everything that goes on around you, then you should definitely be looking into playing some massively multiplayer online role playing games. Fortunately, there are thousands of them to choose from, and one of the most popular, and well known, is Free Realms.


This game has seen huge success with players worldwide since it’s release, and if you have ever played it yourself, then you will know why this is the case. Billed as a free world where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, it is no surprise it has seen such huge success.
Set in a fantasy themed world named Sacred Grove, you really can control everything and do what you want, in Free Realms. You can build and decorate your own house, create your own family, and essentially build your very own empire. If you want to add a touch of excitement, then why not undertake some treasure quests? You could even battle with your enemies.
As well as this, there is the opportunity to take part in a number of different minigames with your friends. The opportunities really are endless in Free Realms. No matter what age you are, you will most definitely enjoy this game.


When it comes to the competition for Free Realms, there is actually quite a lot. First of all, there are games like Second Life. However, these are not necessarily as family friendly as Free Realms. The other competition is computer games like The Sims. However, it is safe to say that the main competition actually comes from Sony Online Entertainment themselves, so it can’t really be classed as competition. As the popularity for these types of games grows, it is likely that there will be more competition, but for the minute it seems that Sony is safe.


As you can imagine, this is a game that will be hugely popular with the kids. However, it will be a guilty pleasure for many adults, too. If you enjoy online gaming, or even fantasy games in general, then you will love this one. You will probably enjoy it even if you are just a fan of Sony Online Entertainment in general. To find out what all of the fuss is about, simply go onto the website and find out what you need to do to discover this new world.


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